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228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit
228PCS  Tool Kit

228PCS Tool Kit

  • High quality home repair kit
  • Easy to store and carry with storage case
  • Widely application, perfect for handyman’s, repairmen
  • Easy to use for both men and women
  • 228 pcs Practical household hand tool kit
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GTY TOOLS  228-pcs Tool Kit is ideal for auto repair and home maintenance, contains all the basic tools for daily furniture installation and vehicle maintenance, made from high-quality steel, heat-treated, durable, corrosion-resistant.
All the tools are packed in an organized blow molding box, each tool has its own unique mold slot, you can quickly find the tool you want to use.
This is a great tool set, absolutely worth the money.

Tools Includes:
6pcs Combination wrench
2pcs 6×38 Screwdriver
2pcs 6×100 Screwdriver
1pc Insulation tape
1pc 1/4 Ratchet bit holder
1pc 1/4 Extension bar 3”
12pcs 1/4 Metric socket
4pcs Precision screwdriver
1pc Scissors
50pcs Bits
1pc 3/8 Ratchet wrench
10pcs 3/8 Metric socket
1pc 16MM spark plug
1pc Transfer socket
1pc 3/8 extension bar 5″
1pc Claw hammer
1pc 8″adjustable wrench
1pc 6″ Long nose pliers
1pc 6″ Combination pliers
1pc Water pump pliers
1pc Cutter
10pcs blades for cutter
9pcs Hex key wrench
10pcs Plastic tie
1pc Hand saw
2pcs Saw blade
1pc Spirit level
1pc Steel ruler
2pcs Spring clip
1pc 3m tape measure
1pc Wire stripping pliers
88pcs Fastener parts
1pc Plastic case

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 50 × 38.5 × 36 cm



Carbon Steel with Heat Treatment