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We’re General Auto Tools Ltd., a Tools Manufacturer With a Proud History.

Revolutionizing the tools accessories industry through a focus on innovation, inspiration and unmatched service. GTY provides an immersive and engaging experience for tools enthusiasts through expert advice and comprehensive information on every product we sell.


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What Makes Us, Us?

Behind the scenes, GTY is a family of tool-fanatics.
If a new tools kits in the market, we know about it and we make it our top priority to bring it here at our lowest price. Not only are we scouting for the next best thing, we pride ourselves on offering such an extensive range of tools and accessories online. There are hundreds products on our website to date and we just keep growing!
You’ll find everything and anything from Socket sets to Auto Repair Tools, but every order is important to us, and no matter how big or small, we offer a service that is second to none.

A Hub of Inspiration For Tool-Lovers

Understanding who buys our tools and what it is you’re looking for from a tool supplier, is what keeps us on our toes!
14 years ago, from a small company, came a big idea to bring together an extensive range of power and hand tools, accessories, security and more, to a new online platform.
The biggest advantages is that consistently high quality standards from the initial product idea through to the after-sales service.We have built excellent relationships with top tools brands to give you the best deals, the biggest ranges and all the information you need to make an informed choice when shopping with us.

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